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Here's a topic... How does religion influence your relationships and/or your view on the fandom? Does it color it some ways, or do you not really care since you're not involved? Should be some interesting conversation. :3

Any other questions are as always welcomed. Get 'em in by 6pm central (GMT -6) on Thursday January 7th.

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Date: 2010-01-04 03:37 pm (UTC)
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Well preferably I never seen it as a hindrance in a relationship or in the fandom, I respect those with or without any religious convictions be it mainstream or alternative. I myself am not a very religious person, I see myself as being an agnostic.

Working in the funeral industry you get to see a wide array of faiths and those that choose a more humanistic non religious role. Both can be very meaningful but I've seen some occasions I just scoff in disgust.

I only see problems when you have those type of people that try to convert and shove it down someones throat or with someone that has no religious beliefs would disrespect someone who does believe in some form of faith both being completely closed minded.

I feel it really boils down to showing maturity that not everyone is going to agree with you and showing compassion to one another even if he or she doesn't believe in your views. In a relationship communication and respect is going to be key and there will be things you won't necessarily both agree on. Same can be applied to the fandom your going to run into people that will not agree with you and you just have to use good judgment.
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