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Last minute crosspost about this week's topic from FA:

This weeks topic is going to be potentially controversial! The timing window for coming out to ones family is a tricky one, and we've seen it backfire as well as turn out ok. What is the line between pride and genuine practicality?

Did you come out too early? Did you wait til you moved out? What are your thoughts? We're curious to hear. Send in your emails to knotcast[at]foxstuffers.com by 7pm CST on May 26th.


This was sparked by a comment I made on Twitter where I expressed my opinion that if you're under 18, living at home you should never, ever come out under any circumstances till you're not dependent on your parents for a roof over your head.

This sparked some debate and in my opinion silly philosophical arguments about being free to express yourself and pride being necessary for survival where I was talking about a pragmatic situation. It doesn't matter how proud you are to be gay when you're living on the streets or dead because your parents kicked you out when you were 14.

Buuuuut feel free to disagree with my cranky old man opinions and write in to the show. :-D


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