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Savrin and FuzzWolf are back from Further Confusion with stories to tell. We want to hear your FurCon tales too so write in to KnotCast@Foxstuffers.com with your FC con reports.

Also, as mentioned on episode 206 we're doing a convention info episode.

If you've been to lots of cons and want to share some advice for our listeners please write in.

And if you're new to the convention scene and have questions about how they work, travelling there, hotel stays, registration, etc then write in with your questions and we'll try to help.

Deadline for email is Friday 1/25/2013 8pm Central time.
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Cross-posting the FA journal here.

This week we'll be discussing open relationships. As all three of us have experience with this, we'll share our perspectives on the practice. Likewise, feel free to write in with your opinions of the matter, as well as any other questions.

Send your emails in to Knotcast@foxstuffers.com by 8pm Central Friday for this weeks show. (Savrin totally forgot to post this weeks topic, even though it was mentioned in the episode. Whoops.)
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Sorry it's been a while since I've cross-posted the next show's topic here. All of our show topics are posted on our Furaffinity journals at http://www.furaffinity.net/journals/knotcast/


This week, write in about your positive experiences in the fandom. What has the community done for you? Friends you've made, mates found, or charity things that caught your eye, like the deal with Fernandos.

Write in to Knotcast@foxstuffers.com by 8pm Central THURSDAY night, since Friday we're going to go see Avengers. :P
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Last minute crosspost about this week's topic from FA:

This weeks topic is going to be potentially controversial! The timing window for coming out to ones family is a tricky one, and we've seen it backfire as well as turn out ok. What is the line between pride and genuine practicality?

Did you come out too early? Did you wait til you moved out? What are your thoughts? We're curious to hear. Send in your emails to knotcast[at]foxstuffers.com by 7pm CST on May 26th.


This was sparked by a comment I made on Twitter where I expressed my opinion that if you're under 18, living at home you should never, ever come out under any circumstances till you're not dependent on your parents for a roof over your head.

This sparked some debate and in my opinion silly philosophical arguments about being free to express yourself and pride being necessary for survival where I was talking about a pragmatic situation. It doesn't matter how proud you are to be gay when you're living on the streets or dead because your parents kicked you out when you were 14.

Buuuuut feel free to disagree with my cranky old man opinions and write in to the show. :-D
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Pre-Registration Closes Midnight, January 31st!

That's in 2 Days!
48 Hours!
... SOON!

Pre-Register... Nooooooooooow!

Furry Fiesta 2011: Disco Infurno!

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This week will be a followup to Further Confusion, with Fuzz telling of his adventures at the con. We invite those that attended to write in about their con experience, and let us know how it went from a non-dealer perspective. What panels were awesome? What shows?

Of course, off topic emails are welcome as well.

Email us at knotcast[at]foxstuffers.com by 6pm Central time January 20th for this episode.
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Oh what the hell, make that Oklacon and Furfright adventures. :-P

I know this is a bit late in the day since we're recording tonight, but I'd like to get more on-topic e-mail for this episode.

So if you were at Oklacon or Furfright last weekend please write in to the show at KnotCast@FoxStuffers.com and tell us how your weekend was. :-D
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Furry Fiesta 2011 Dealers Den Registration opens July 17th, at Noon (12pm) Central

... That's in 4 days!

Increased Space
We have expanded our Dealers Den this year, increasing our table count from 30 to 50 tables.

New On-Line Registration
We have a all-new Dealer registration system set to go on-line, for easy registration. A big thanks to Trapa and Guardian for helping get this ready for us, they have put in a LOT of work.

Minions Wanted!
I am currently looking for a few good minions slaves PEOPLE to help out in the Den for 2011; duties include everything from door guard to helping the Dealers set-up, as well as general baby-sitting. Send me an email at dealers@furryfiesta.org to hear more. There are perks involved (beyond my undying thanks).
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Holy crap. Our first live show at a con we don't have a part in. This is scary. And hopefully it'll turn out better than episode 84, as it was plagued with all sorts of technical issues and was put out of its misery. It's only our 4th con show, so it still has its kinks.

It'll be just Fuzz and Savrin this show, Saturday night at 11pm... where? It'll be on the schedule! (Panels Room I)

We hope to see you there! :-D
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There are creepy people and obsessives. But I'm sure plenty of us have run across the creepy obsessive. :O

The guy who won't leave your table while you're selling... the stalker who wants to tell you about his RPs and if only you'd join... the guy who has fetish art done with your character...

If so, you can share your tales of woe and fright and share how you dealt with them!

Also, this episode will feature the FC2010 report from ze FuzzWolf.

Send your emails to KnotCast@Foxstuffers.com by 6pm CST Thursday.
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You know... I think god's got a sick sense of humor.

Tell us - what of episode 80? Are we crazies, do we offend you? Make you think? Are we all going to burn in your particular hell? Which one..? :3

Furthermore, this is an open topic show.

Send in emails by 6pm CST to KnotCast@FoxStuffers.com :o
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Here's a topic... How does religion influence your relationships and/or your view on the fandom? Does it color it some ways, or do you not really care since you're not involved? Should be some interesting conversation. :3

Any other questions are as always welcomed. Get 'em in by 6pm central (GMT -6) on Thursday January 7th.

Send em to - KnotCast@Foxstuffers.com
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Blame Fuzz for the title.

Well? What do you want this year? This is an open topic show. Followups, flames, agreements, and versatile furs welcome.

Bonus question: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is now on Hulu. Is this awesome? Y/Y

Send in your emails by 6pm CST Thursday, December 17 to KnotCast@Foxstuffers.com
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Dom sub relationships.. What makes them work, what makes them fail?

Send in your emails by 6pm CST Thursday, December 10 to knotcast@foxstuffers.com
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As Mythbusters shows, there's no better way to make a lesson stick than by adding explosions.

Relationship explosions, real explosions, we're not picky. Though this weeks show is something of an oddball. Last week we got emails, some this week too, but we didn't read them on last weeks show. Since our American Thanksgiving holiday is Thursday, we're going to be a bit busy.. We're getting together tonight (Wednesday) to record a show, so we'll have emails plus Fuzz and Isty's MFF con reports. :3

Send e-mail to KnotCast@Foxstuffers.com
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Well, for anyone who reads this who doesn't read our FA or Twitter, we will be broadcasting live via UStream tonight for this episode. Here's the address if you want to listen in and chat with other fans:


We will be starting the show in a couple of hours. Projected start time is 8pm Central US time.
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Savrin, Isty, Fuzz, and maybe more, live from Oklacon!

We'll be taking questions from the audience after some warm up emails, doing a show for the no doubt numerous attendees of Oklacon 7. :3

This episode won't be out til at least Monday, since we'll be out in... nature.. all weekend. :o
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This week we're going to talk....comics.

Webcomics. Like the podcast episode, we'd like to hear about the ones you like and read. Do us a favor and send a link in your email, so we can make a long post with the mentioned urls.

Also, feel free to send in any other questions and/or comments on episode 67, the two man show.

Show e-mail: KnotCast@Foxstuffers.com
NOTE: Send e-mails for this episode prior to 6pm Central US time Thursday, October 8th, 2009.
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Polyamory! The very word strikes fear into the hearts of some.. and confusion into the minds of others!

And this week, we'll have a token female who has had a successful, long term poly relationship in to talk with us.

This is something of a new topic for the casters, as we find having one mate is trouble enough, but we want to know more about how others live and the struggles that they face. We'd like to hear from you as to your questions on the matter, as well as any other questions you might have.

Also, feedback from our live UStream with Bucktown for episode 66 is welcome too. :D

E-mail to KnotCast@Foxstuffers.com
Submit questions via e-mail prior to 7pm US Central Time, Thursday 10/1/09

KnotCast Forum: http://www.anthropodcast.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=52
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This week is about the music. Music, furry music, music to put on while enjoying some private time with your mate. Alternatively, the worst music you can think of for sex.

This is also an open topic week.

Special guest for this week should be [livejournal.com profile] bucktowntiger if things go as planned.

Send e-mail to KnotCast@Foxstuffers.com
Visit our forums at http://Forum.Foxstuffers.com

As usual, we record every Thursday so if you want to send an e-mail for this episode please send it prior to 7pm central US time Thursday 9/17/2009.


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